Based in New York City, Amanda is equally skilled in strategy and copywriting with an eye for finding creative solutions backed by data.

Amanda is an experienced content marketing manager, social media strategist and copywriter.

As a kid, she wanted to be the Yellow Power Ranger, but her fear of heights would have made operating the saber-toothed tiger Dinozord difficult. She went into Marketing instead.

By day, she develops best-in-class content and social media for global brands. By night, she watches what her parents once called “too much” TV and podcasts about the similarities between horror movies and rom-coms on her podcast, Happily Ever Slasher.

Areas of expertise

Social media marketing

Brand building

Content strategy

Copywriting and editing


Finalist in KAYAK SWAT Week Competition, 2019

Placed in the top 3 finalists during KAYAK’s company-wide SWAT Week Hackathon competition and presented the proposed project at a company-wide meeting in front of 2,000+ employees.

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